Our Social Media Platform

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Hello friends! Welcome to our social media platform! We are very excited to have you here. 

Who are we?

We are a professional economics and financial research company whose legal name is CHINA FUNDS RESEARCH LIMITED. We have chosen Zhiwaifang as our Chinese company name. We have been providing professional research to Asset and Fund managers for over 30 years in commercial real estate markets across the world and we cover markets in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and North America. Please note that our research does not affect the Chinese financial system but some of our commentary covers China.


What is Zhiwaifang?

Zhiwaifang is simply a social e-Learning platform. We want you to learn about commercial real estate, have some fun in the process and also communicate with experts. This is what you can do on this platform:


  1. Read articles produced on an hourly basis about the commercial real estate sector in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States as well as commentary from China.
  1. Receive a 70-page e-Book about how the commercial real estate sector works and the economic factors affect it whilst learning about how ordinary people can make money from it.
  1. Interact with experts in commercial real estate.
  1. Create social groups and discuss anything they want relating to the real estate sector and even form learning groups.
  1. Receive full scientific research on each of the geographical areas of the commercial real estate sector.
  1. Have some fun playing real estate simulation games where people can see how good they are at creating wealth for themselves.
  1. Take our weekly quizzes where people can test themselves in nine subject areas covering topics from real estate, economics, and even sport.
  1. Receive digital rewards for completing quizzes for example and getting a good score.
  1. Post articles and comments and ask questions.

There are many more things you can do on this platform, and we are thinking about more things. We would also welcome your comments about what you would like to see more on here.

What do I need to do now?

So, if you haven’t already done so, sign up on the activity page by clicking on register. It takes a minute but don’t forget to tell us something interesting about yourself in the profile page once you have signed up. The more interesting your profile, the better.